We currently offer discounts to several groups. Members of these groups receive a 50% discount off initial visits and 10% off ongoing program charges.

The groups currently eligible are:

Employees of Spartanburg Regional Medical Center

Employees of Walmart on Woodruff Rd.


Law enforcement personnel

Active duty military personnel

School Teachers

Just bring a current employee ID or recent paystub to prove you are eligible.

If you would like us to consider your group for the discount just let us know. We will want to know:

How big is your organization?

Will the organization be able to provide you with any support (even if it is just providing a place for participating members to meet for support sessions)?

Are there at least 5 people ready to start immediately?

Does your organization have the facilities for us to come make a presentation to an audience of potentially interested participants?


Do you have a church, civic, school or work group who might benefit from a presentation about nutrition?

We are available to come to your group and give a presentation on nutrition and converting to a healthy lifestyle. For groups of 15 or larger, there is no charge at all. If you have a smaller group just call us and we can work something out.

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40 Days in the Wilderness

Here is the basic structure of the 40 Day Transition (each phase is 10 days):

Phase 1 - No Dietary Changes. Keep a food journal and drink 1 pint of fresh vegetable juice per day.
Phase 2 - Juice Diet. Drink 2 quarts per day of fresh vegetable juice. Eat nothing else.
Phase 3-  Juice Plus. Continue to drink 2 quarts of juice per day and add oatmeal and a salad or soup.
Phase 4 - Home Cooking. Eat nothing but home-cooked vegan meals.

What you need is a plan. Show yourself the respect of committing to 40 Days in the Wilderness™. You will need a blender or a juicer, but otherwise you won't be spending any more money on food than you would have anyway.

You can do the entire thing for free!

So, don't let cost be the reason you don't try!

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