Prescription Medications

Phentermine - Easily our most prescribed medication, phentermine is carried in three different formulations. Originally approved by the FDA in 1959, it is arguably the most effective weight management drug in history. If you are prescribed phentermine there are some things you should know.

Phentermine has a pharmacology similar to amphetemine. You may get a lot of the same side effects as amphetamine. You will feel energized (good), you may get a dry mouth (not so bad), you may get headaches (not so good) and you may have trouble sleeping (bad).

Pay attention to how you feel and stop taking this medication immediately if you get more than a minor concern about how it is affecting you. It can take up to 4 days for a single dose to be eliminated from your system. That means side effects can persist for up to 4 days. But it also means that the appetite suppression effect will increase as you take it several days in a row.

Phendimetrazine - With a shorter duration and less pronounced effect, Phendimetrazine is usually prescribed as a second medication as the effectiveness of Phentermine starts to decrease. It is better tolerated by most people but can have the same range of side effects.

As a secondary dose, it is usually taken early to mid afternoon. It can also be prescribed to those who cannot tolerate Phentermine, in which case 2 doses are typically taken daily in the morning and early afternoon.

Diethylpropion - With similar effects and side effects to Phendimetrazine, Diethylpropion is prescribed under similar circumstances and is usually taken in a similar manner.

Furosemide - Even though the term "diuretic" kind of sounds like diarrhea, the two are unrelated. Diuretics, otherwise known as "water pills", will cause your body to flush out interstitial fluid. This is the excess fluid your body accumulates when you eat lots of salty, starchy food. Basically, furosemide will make you pee. A lot. We use furosemide as a motivational tool. Its effects are temporary so it is not a valid strategy for long term weight loss. However, it is a very useful tool for eliminating water weight that you gained from the inevitable indiscretions.

Supplements and Medications

Once you have been written a prescription by Dr. Newberry, you will have the option of purchasing only those items you need.

28-Day Supply of Medication $96
14-Day Supply of Medication $54
Furosemide Tablets (per tablet) $2.20
Vitamin B6/B12 Injection $20+tax

Keep in mind that medications are dispensed only as prescribed by our doctors. There is a $60 charge for office visits with a doctor. This fee is included in the initial charge for new patients and is waived for anyone actively participating in the program.